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I’m currently working as a Project Manager in an internal IT-department for the Global Company. The Global Company has approximately 100 000 employees around the world and has it HeadQuarters in Europe. I’m based at the HQ. The IT-department has around 1200 employees around the world on 10 different sites and if you include the consultants the figure would be around 1700. We are approximately 800 employees (incl consultants) at the HQ and the IT organisation is working fairly well with a newly implemented product-oriented organisation. It’s actually a terrific company to work in and I’m enjoying every day…more or less…
I’m just above 30 and started in the Global Company 2000 as a Project Manager and been working with different types of project but my focus has been on implementing 3rd party packages and vendor management. These two areas have become my speciality and my main focus of interest together with leadership in the scope of project management. I’ve run project from 5000 man hours up to 48000 man hours with a total budget of 28 million USD.

I’m currently involved in two different projects;

The first project- The Infrastructure project- has the objective to upgrade the hardware and software of the most critical system for the Global Company. Without this system the Global Company will not make any earnings. I’m responsible for this project and I must say that it is running very smoothly. In the time of writing we are just finalising the test-phase. It is a fairly small project with a budget of 13000 man hours. The scope of the project is to perform one pilot and plan for the rollout on ~300 sites globally. The Global Company will do this together with one of biggest consultancy firms.
Although we have our challenges (what would life be without them?) the project is in a good shape, on time and on budget.

The second project –The 3rd party project- is more of a challenge. The Global Company implementing a 3rd party product and the project is in a total mess. I could write endless lines of the bad management of the project but I will most likely come back to that in future postings. I’m not responsible of this project but supporting the responsible PM with issues regarding vendor management and the implementation of the system in North America. The responsible PM could be more experienced but is under the difficult circumstances performing well. Myself and the project manager took over the project in February 2006 and understood quickly that the project was (and still is) in a very bad condition. We are starting to get the pre-conditions in place but it is long and painstaking road ahead of us.

I will in this Blog tell You about the progress, difficulties, challenges that I have in these two project related to project management and leadership.

I’m looking forward to your feedback and will do my best to answer any mails…

By the way, this is a good week, because myself and my fiancée will travel to one of the major capitals in Europe for a long weekend without the kids…;-)
So, more about the projects and my weekend will come in the beginning of week 19.

All the best,
The PM


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