Thursday, May 18, 2006

Need of planning

My life at the office is currently divided in to two parts. One part is the planned and structured day in which most of the things run fairly smoothly. The other part is chaos. The Infrastructure-project is running very good and is on track. The 3rd Party-project is just a mess. (see the introduction for a presentation of the two

My self and a collegue of mine took over the 3rd party-project in Februry 2006 and it has been a constant battle ever since. The 3rd party-project started in 2003 and, as far as I know, it has been badly managed from day one. The project and all we who are working in it are currently paying the price for the bad project management up until February 2006.
Myself and the other project manager in the 3rd party-project are now working as firefighters, politicians and a bit as project managers. We as project managers are constantly putting out fires and are way too deep into operational questions.

My dear friends, it all comes down to Planning, planning, planning and more planning. The plan is nothing, the planning is everything. I think it was Winston Churchill who said it and it is so dead on correct when it comes to project management. The big difference (at least one of them) between my two projects is that in the infrastructure-project I had the possibility to make the planning in the beginning of the project in a good way. We have ever since the start had a good and structured project. All the resources know what they should do, when, how, what to deliver, etc... With a good planning you will also be able to do solid forecasts and keep the critical line in the project under close control. Without proper planning you will need to relay un luck...and that never works!

This is not rocket sience in any way...

But you will need a lot of hard work to "save" a badly managed project that has been wrongly executed from day one.

My advice for the day is to take the time in the beginning of your projects to do it right from the start! usual, please let me know if I can do anything for you.



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