Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thoughts about the week...

The end has come of another working week.

This week has been quite ok due to the fact that the infrastructure-project is running ok. In the 3rd party project we have all kinds of problems, from performance-problems to problems in our processes. As an internal IT-department our only “customer” is our business organisation and the objective of the IT-organisation is to provide excellent service to the business-organisation. Well…we have a long way to go before we can deliver a good enough service regarding the 3rd party project. One of the main issues to be able to deliver a high quality service to the business is that we have a project as well as a line organisation (maintenance) that need to co-operate towards the business as well as the supplier. The system is in production in ten countries in Europe which means that the project is delivering new countries in the same time that when have countries in production, with major problems. The project and the line organisation are not always agreeing on what is most important and that makes the life a bit difficult. We had a crises-meeting about these issues during the week and it is clear that we have a hard time to deliver as ONE IT-company. The project had one view, the maintenance another, it-operations had a third. I had not called the meeting but it ended with me at the whiteboard calling the shots anyhow. I got so irritated with some of the people in the room when they not managed to see the full picture. The meeting ended anyhow with some sort of consensus about the way forward…now we just need to explain to the business why we are not able to implement any change requests or fix any incidents (except prio 1) during the next 4 weeks. It will be an interesting steering committee meeting next Wednesday.

The story will continue…

Regards ThePM


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