Monday, July 03, 2006


I'm back from businesstrips and in general an enormous heavy workload. We have just passed an important milestone in the Infrastructure-project that has taken more or less all my avialable time. But we did it! 6 months of hard work paid of and it all came together in the end. But it was a close call.

One resource in the project is not performing well. He has the correct technical skills but lacks structure, commitment and desire to deliver on time. On top of this he also has major communicationproblems. It has gone so far that the other project- members do not trust him any more. He often says one thing but does an entirely other thing. This is unacceptable and he needs to be replaced by another resource.

It is frustrating that he time after time does the same misstakes and yes he has received feedback about his bad performance but it has not helped.

If you ever encounter this kind of problem you need to try to sort the problem out right away. Correct the bad behaviour at once and coach the resource in the right direction. If this fails after a couple of times you need to start to think of replacing him/her. deliver is what matters!



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