Friday, August 18, 2006

Resource estimation template

To do the budget is not the funniest thing I know but it is necessary. To do the financial follow up and forecasting of the project is even more tedious, but that is also necessary.

You need always to stay in control of your project. I use a small but quite efficient template to simplify this process. This template is useful if you know how much time each person/role in the project will spend over time. I usually work with longer projects and therefore the time format is set to months but you can of course change this to weeks or even days if that would suit your projects needs better.

I would although like to stress the importance of having valid number to put into the template. You need to do the basic work first of breaking the activities down into work packages into a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). When you know how much resources you need, first than are you ready to use this template.

You are most welcome to change or update the template if you would like too. I would appreciate to see how an even better template so please send the new updated template to me…

I think the template is pretty “self-explainable” but please e-mail me if any questions.

Resource estimation template



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