Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Resource problem

We only have 7 more weeks to go in the infrastructure-project until Go Live. We are so far on plan but we have still three major tests’ to complete before the Go Live. The team is starting to feel the pressure and I think that some of my key project members are tired and soon fed up with the project. I although need them to stay sharp the last seven weeks. To be honest I’m also a bit tired and I want it badly to be the Go Live-week. That will be a lot of fun but, well…7 long weeks until than.

I still have problems with one of the resources and I will have yet another meeting with his line manager during the week. We both agree that we partly need to replace him but that will introduce another risk for us. We still need him and we need him sharp, motivated and alert…not the opposite. I can only cross my fingers and hope that he will not be too uncommitted for the remaining time of the project. I will prioritise him try to get him to feel needed in the project. Because he really is. Well…enough about that.

Another thing is that I will have a new line manager my self. That will be my 8th line manager in 5 years… how about that for continuity…



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