Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Certified PM’s…or not?

I often come across post’s regarding pros and con’s for PM certification. I place my self among those who say that we should have certifications for Project Managers. It is just during the recent years that I feel that the profession of Project Management. has become more and more accepted. Almost anybody can say that they are a project manager, but of all those who claim the title Project Manager I strongly believe that there are not many who actually can tell what knowledge and experience a PM should have. To be a successful PM you need to have both some theoretical knowledge but you also need the experience. To manage a project can often be challenging in many ways and you need to have done the mistakes and learned from them to become a good PM that knows what he or she talks about. Yes, you can of course be a great PM without certification but the certification is a receipt on that you are able to deliver according to a certain standard. I work in an internal IT-department and we are unfortunately not certifying our PM’s, which is a pity but the sad fact. But we buy a large amount of consultancy-services and I must say that it feels good to see a CV of a PM that says PMI-certified. . Then I know that I will get a PM that has the experience and knowledge to do a good job.
What do the rest of all of you PM’s think?


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