Monday, September 18, 2006

Key succes factors

In the infrastructure-project we have another 3 weeks before we go into production. We still have one major test to pass but I'm confident that we both will make a good test and a successful Go Live in a couple of weeks. All the men and women who have worked to hard realy desirves to have the Go Live on time with a successful result. We are all working hard to make this happen and some of us put in extra hours these weeks just to reach our goal. It is a satisfying feeling to see all work for eachother to reach the goal.

During the last projectmeeting we held a small workshop in which we discussed Why we have been successul so far. The team agreed upon a number of reason and some of them are;

* Good planning
We planned the project in detail from the start and we have followed the plan. Ok, small changes have ofcourse been made, that is natural, but in overall we have followed the plan. This have made all involved project-members and stakeholder to always know what we have done and what is yet to be done. It is also easy to prioritise correctly when you have a solid plan to prioritise after.

* Constant and Clear prioritisation
During this year we have always worked with prioritisation over time. If there are conflicts between activities all projectmembers should always know what is prioritised.

* Simplicity
Even though we have a complicated project we have tried to keep things as simple as possible. We have not had the luxury of making fancy and hightech solution...just solve our challenges in the best possible way and according to the timeplan.

* Communication
Not knowing what is happening in the project is not good. I have written a weekly information-letter which has been sent to all projectmembers and all major stakeholders. It is painstaking sometimes but worth every penny of it.

I'll come back to these factors after we have delivered but please have them in mind when you are running your projects...


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